Borisova apologizes for having defiled Volochkova

Women made up just for the sake of daughters who are friends

Not so long ago, in the program, Lera Kudryavtseva, Dana Borisova told how known helps people cope with different kinds of dependencies. Among others, mentioned the name Anastasia Volochkova, which the presenter “cure” from addiction to alcohol. This aroused the indignation of the ballerina. According to her, no problems with alcohol she is not, and Borisova, so PR on her behalf.

The other day the women met, talked, made up, but Borisova had to apologize for his words. Partly she did it for my daughter, who is friends with Ariadne Volochkova.

“Dear Anastasia!!! You’re strong and beautiful, I want to apologize if somehow I hurt you with its assumption about dependencies” (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka), — wrote Dana in his microblog joint photo with Anastasia. — “I was only talking about that get a lot of emails from people asking for help and support you. We both know how hard it is for women like you and me, we go through life”.

Borisov justified his words by the fact that “only wanted to help.” However, this is not the first case when Volochkova accused of alcoholism.