Boris Moiseev was left penniless but with high hopes

Boris Moiseev without a penny in his pocket. He can’t pay utility bills for the apartment in Bulgaria and Latvia. The singer at the bottom.

The singer Boris Moiseev has not the best times – he has no money to provide for themselves, and even more – to pay for communal. He has several years in a row is not paying for apartments in Bulgaria and Latvia , referring to the Express newspaper.

He was still a debtor

But even in such a difficult financial situation he manages to be at the peak of fame, as his name appears in the list of debtors, which amounted to Jurmala city Council. It turns out that the artist does not pay taxes for his luxury even in 2015 (31 March, to be precise). Subsequently, it filed in the court.

But it’s flowers. If Bob can not make money and pay debts, then his Latvian apartment unable to seize. All – PA-PA other countries, since this can also be a problem with the border crossing.

Moses was one of the first purchased property in Jurmala. Near the mouth of Lielupe he has a two bedroom flat with stunning views. Poor star every summer has a rest on the Riga sea. Apparently, some stocks still remained.

Unfulfilled dreams

Jokes aside, but without money the artist didn’t stay for the entertainment (though maybe partly), but because of health problems. In 2010, he suffered a stroke, which has not passed completely – non-functional left upper lip and left hand. And all this is because severe fatigue. Now health stars thoroughly shattered.

Moses wanted to play again and even open a dance school, but something went wrong. I hope that at least something he could do.

Journalist, Pointmedia Les Miller recalls that passed away recently Phil Smith, the British millionaire who in 2012 also suffered a stroke.