Boris korchevnikov, the latest news today: the sick, had gone from “Live”

Famous Russian TV presenter Boris korchevnikov recently left the program “live”, which he led on the TV channel “Russia 1”. His place was taken by Andrey Malakhov. This change was accepted by an overwhelming majority of viewers negatively because Malakhova many viewers are accustomed to seeing in the program “Let them talk” on channel one.

As for the future of Boris Korchevnikov, the showman, absolutely not upset about the job change. Now he works in the Orthodox TV channel “Spas”. On the eve korchevnikov in the social network Instagram has congratulated all its users and viewers of TV channel “Spas” with the Church feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin. The stream korchevnikov led directly to red square. The broadcaster said that waiting for all its fans and viewers “Live” on the channel “Spas”.

The broadcaster said that the new place he will speak about the most important what is in a person’s life.

“I would really like to see the TV channel “Spas” gave the audience this feeling that I opened when I came to Church: a sense of joy, love, freedom and full, meaningful life. In my opinion, it’s the driving that can be,” said korchevnikov.

Along with this korchevnikov has revealed the tragic truth about their health. Information about cancer disease of the young host called the network a flurry of emotions and discussions. Boris korchevnikov openly admitted to what led to his terrible disease, and also announced where he will now work.

Many users on the network began to wonder, is it true ill Boris korchevnikov. And as sad as it is to hear, but it’s true. The rumors about the disease leading appeared a year ago.

Then, Korchevnikov removed the brain tumor, but unfortunately, the cancer came back again. More recently, on TV screens there was a broadcast “live”, in which the former leading korchevnikov and the new producer and presenter Andrey Malakhov together to uncover the truth.

As it turned out, Boris korchevnikov really sick with cancer. And for a long time struggling with this disease. Moreover, as told by the employees of the channel, the master began to lose hearing because of illness. Korchevnikov he also admitted that he almost did not hear. Such health problems have become a serious obstacle to work.

Boris Korchevnikov a brain tumor. He openly told me all about it, about his illness in the Studio “Live”. Korchevnikov noticed that now the disease has receded, but when he only found out about it, his first thought was – “you must finish all your unfinished business”.

The ex-host of “Live”, which went to the TV channel “Spas”, I noticed that only in some emergency situation, a person reconsiders his life and tries to live to the fullest, truly.