Boris korchevnikov pushed Vadim Kazachenko with ex-wife – 24???

Around the star of the 90s Vadim Kazachenko again family scandal broke. Singer became a member of the “Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi.

From December 2016 Vadim conflict with ex-wife Olga Martynova. She accuses the musician that Kazachenko left born in the spring son.

Boris korchevnikov pushed Vadim Kazachenko with ex-wife | livejournal.com

In a live TV program Vadim Kazachenko told about the relationship with the new darling of its Director Irina Amanti. Then on the screen appeared a previously recorded interview with his ex-wife Olga, and at the end of the show she came out to talk with Vadim in person. The atmosphere became so tense that the anchorman Boris korchevnikov — hurried to leave, says “StarHit”.

“What we’re hearing right now is a horrible result of human destiny and the fate of these two people. If you do not agree, this hell will continue,” concluded the presenter.