Bobby brown not happy with the court’s decision on material compensation for the death of his daughter

Court of Fulton County on Thursday, November 17, issued a decision regarding the involvement of nick Gordon to the death of his beloved daughter Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina brown.

The court ruled that the girl’s fiance directly or indirectly responsible for what happened because he needs to compensate the girl’s family in the amount of $ 36 million.

Note that the decision was made automatically after neither Gordon nor his lawyers were not at the hearing in this case.

As admitted by the father of the lost – Bobby brown – his family was pleased with the court’s decision, but that’s not what they wanted.

Bobby insists that Gordon was prosecuted and received a prison sentence, because he gave Bobbi Kristina a “toxic mix” that resulted in a head injury and a coma from which she never came out.

In addition, the relatives claimed that while Bobbi Kristina was in a coma, boyfriend withdrew money from her Bank accounts and stole belonged to her valuables.

The court in conversation with the media noted that to prove the involvement of nick to death Bobbi Kristina will be almost impossible. Gordon was not charged with harassment for any of the articles of the criminal code.

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