Bobby brown asked for details of the death of ex-wife and daughter to a psychic

American singer Bobby brown, former husband of singer Whitney Houston and the father of her only daughter Christine, met with a psychic to ask him about the details of the untimely demise of the ex-wife and daughter who died in mysterious circumstances with a difference in five years. Since no one knows what really happened, and investigators found no evidence of guilt the husband of Chrissy nick Gordon that he killed the girl and initiated a suicide, Bobby met with Tyler Henry, to hear him tell Whitney and Christine graves.

“I see a mother and daughter holding hands” — began to tell about his visions of Henry.
“My ex-wife Whitney Houston,” said Bobby.
An insider close to brown said that he was impressed by communication with Tyler. The medium told him things about his wife and daughters, who could not know.Bobby learned that now in the afterlife Whitney and Christina together.
“Tyler told Bobby that Whitney was waiting for Christina, and now they are together forever. He also told that in past lives they were together, and later their souls will be together. This is called “native soul”,” — said the insider.
The details of the deaths of Houston and her daughters have not yet been reported.
Recall that Whitney’s body is found in a hotel bathroom. In the blood of the singer was discovered drugs. I suspect that she drowned in a condition of narcotic intoxication, but whether it was a suicide or an accident until the end and not clear. Five years later her only child, daughter Christina, was found in the bathroom of his house. Her blood was also found toxic substances. Not regaining consciousness, the girl died six months after being in a coma.

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