Blake lively dreams of a normal childhood for her children

Hollywood actress Blake lively, who is expecting her second child from her husband Ryan Reynolds, said that dreams that her children lived a normal ordinary life.

“Ryan often says that he had a happy and carefree childhood, normal, no paparazzi. I also want them to have my children. We don’t want to deprive them of a normal childhood. That would be selfish” — said 28-year-old Blake in an interview with Marie Claire.
The star of the movie “Deadpool” grew up in Vancouver Canada, and was the last of four children. Blake also grew up in a large family (she has four half-brothers and sisters).
Both the actor and the actress is happy to talk to journalists about their work, the only thing they avoid is the topic of children.
“If only it was possible to agree with paparazzi … I understand that we have a Bryan and a style of life that the persecution of photographers is inevitable. And it’s not easy, especially when you have not one but two small children” — said lively.
Recall that the pregnancy and the birth of their daughter James, the couple concealed to the last.
“Happy birthday my girl. Sad that I lost my virginity, but infinitely glad I have a daughter” — wrote Ryan on his page in the social network in the day, when the baby was born. We foresee that this time we also do not know when the second child is born.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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