Blake lively after birth lose weight with the help of two personal trainers

The figure of Blake lively is admired by many. Long legs actress attracted the attention of the audience from the time of her participation in the TV series “Gossip girl”, where she played the representative of “Golden youth” Serena van Der Woodsen.

Filming of the series ended a few years ago. during this time, lively managed to star in several projects, which, however, has not yet made her a Hollywood star of the first magnitude, and managed to get her family – husband Ryan Reynolds and a daughter named Jamie.

It is worth noting that after the birth of the first child of the figure of the actress has undergone a not-so-great changes. Lively as he was slim, and so it remained. Just took a while to kind of figure to pull.

According to Blake, their appearance, she is obliged to sports activities and people that returned to its former harmony.

In an interview with The Sun the actress said: “I concentrated on training and nutrition. I had two different coaches and nutritionist to regain his previous form so quickly.”

The actress, however, said that so quickly lose weight after giving birth “abnormally” — and the only reason she took this step was that in “the Shallows,” Blake lively had to do a bikini shoot.

Now Blake and Ryan are expecting the birth of their second child. Interestingly, after the birth the actress also will be a crash course for the recovery figures for the sake of some new project?

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: liza.ua

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