Black Alexander responded to his critics with a demonstration of the “fifth point”

However, despite a constant stream of criticism, Sasha decided to respond just now, showing all of his detractors to his “fifth point”. In addition, the Black told all the critics to pay attention to esters, which clearly shows the reasons for her behavior, which, according to the girl, are a result of a nervous breakdown, writes the website life-dom2.su.

It is unlikely Sasha expected her appeal to subscribers will have a bombshell. Many still are not ready to sympathize with the girl and continue to blame her, remembering not only the appalling behaviour in the Seychelles, but also deceived the friends to whom she owed a large sum of money and now have to pay the loans instead.

“And what decided to surprise? It is a repository of all has long since become boring…. together with a painted black by the poles”, “If supposedly everything is so hard and bad, if constant nervous breakdowns, then the question arises, at*Wren himself to be tortured and suffer? Masochism? Go home and live in peace” – he wrote to fans of youth telestroke.