Birthday boy Matt LeBlanc: 5 facts about the actor

Birthday boy Matt LeBlanc: 5 facts about the actor

July 25, his birthday celebrates a famous actor and TV presenter Matt LeBlanc. All he is well known for the role of charming and guileless actor Joey Tribbiani in the TV series “Friends”. The actor turns 49 years old today.

In honor of the birthday of Matt LeBlanc edition tochka.net prepared for you a few facts of his life:

1. Matt at the age of 8 he dreamed of becoming a motorcycle racer. His dream never came true, but now it is not strange that LeBlanc has agreed to be the host of a popular British car show Top Gear, where the main thing – speed.

2. We all know the TV series “Friends”. But the fact that was filmed TV series “Joey” – not everybody knows. The main character remained the same Joey Tribbiani, only without your friends. Unfortunately, the series has not gained much popularity. It was filmed in only two seasons.

3. Matt LeBlanc has also worked in advertising famous brands Heinz, Levi ‘ s ESI-Cola. He has also starred in music videos: Bob Seger “Night Moves”, and in 1990 starred in the music video of Jon Bon Jovi on the soundtrack of “Miracle”, etc.

4. It is not just nominated for the best actor in the Comedy series. And in 2005, Matt LeBlanc received the television award “people’s Choice” as favorite male star.

5. After completing the filming of the series “Friends” Matt LeBlanc was depressed. It was not associated with the series. He to this day is proud that his character Joey remember. Depression has been associated with the fact that his daughter was discovered a serious illness. The girl had a disorder of mental activity that cause epileptic seizures.


Source and photo: tochka.net