Bill Cosby plans to return to television

A sick old man bill Cosby, the once influential medialize, and now the accused in series of rapes artist, plans to be back on TV. This is despite the fact that his new show has closed and not letting in the air the pilot, and that he was highly likely to spend the rest of days in prison. Chances to prove his guilt is very great, but despite the weakness and blindness bill remains optimistic.

At the moment the court is considering seven claims against the bill. In fact, says victims ‘ lawyer Gloria Allred, victims, Cosby is much more – only official statements have accumulated about six dozen. The lawyer said that a raped already respectable ladies with their grandchildren, and reputation, which I don’t want to Sully the memories of the past. Bill raped women within three decades, some of the victims were minors.
He acted according to the same pattern – slipped sleeping pills and raped a woman when she was unconscious.
While the lawyer of the 79-year-old rapist claims that he is almost blind and barely finds the strength to appear in court. And it is discordant with his optimistic sentiments.
“He’s out of his mind! He says he’s too weak and blind, but to return to television he healthy enough? Yes, no one on television it is not waiting! All turned away from him,” says an insider.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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