Bill Cosby is almost blind

Famous American comedian bill Cosby, whose name was recently reminded in the context of a scandal involving a series of rapes, is “in his personal hell.” Insiders claim that the actor almost blind and it is a great tragedy.

Now the bill, which older Americans know as the “American Pope” lives in his house in Pennsylvania with his wife Camilla. Sources close to the family reported that the victim’s bill “can get some satisfaction, knowing that hell for him has arrived.”
“Bill suffers from a serious progressive disease, which deprived him of sight. He is almost blind.. besides all of his Hollywood friends turned away from him, knowing that he had done in the past. He lives in his big, empty house in Pennsylvania, and the only person who is close to him is his wife Camille, and friends, if you can call it that – his lawyers in his content,” — said the insider.
On a question of journalists about whether it was true, Cosby was blind, his representative not responding. But in January last year, one of his lawyers called the artist the “old blind man”.
It was reported that bill has a disease called keratoconus, due to which the cornea becomes thinner and takes a conical shape, depending on the progressivity of the disease, the person loses his sight.
We will remind that the bill is being held in court on three counts in a criminal case. Andrea Constanti, an employee of Temple University, said that in 2004, bill raped her. She became one of the more than five dozen women who officially accused bill of rape. He acted always the same pattern: spiked his victims with sleeping pills and raped them, when the women were unconscious.
But in the case of Andrea bill to give up will not. Next Monday, Cosby plans to sue Konstandi because she violated the confidentiality agreement which is allegedly signed him in 2006.

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