Bilan staged dances behind the scenes of the “New wave”

Popular Russian artist laid out in Instagram video in which he annealed behind the scenes of the festival “New wave” with the singer Theon, Kontridze from Georgia.


Music forum continues to be the center of attention of the public. People are actively interested in not only the talented performances and the festival held the stars. After yesterday’s discussion “get-togethers” Kirkorov and Buzova catchers stories from the world of show business turned to the person Bilan.

The footage video of the artist dancing behind the scenes of the “New wave” with his partner. Couple doing it confidently and passionately, as if trying to get into the show “Dancing”. Artists demonstriruyut good choreographic training giving the viewer the original PA. Moreover, it is noticeable that the partner is considerably inferior in growth. Dance in the best tradition of show in the show ended with a hug. “Volcano of passion and music, the sultry woman”, – said Bilan your post, addressing his words to Theon, Kontridze.