Bilan during his speech on “the Heat” fell into the pool

Festival “Heat” during a performance of Dima Bilan epic fell into the pool. Bilan sang the song of Alla Pugacheva “do Not deny loving”. After the speeches, Dima fell into the pool, arms outstretched to the sides.


The work of Alla Pugacheva was on the third day of the festival. Dima Bilan was one of the celebrities who have sung the songs of the prima Donna. After singing the touching song “don’t give up on love”, he came to me and all women attending the concert. The end of the speech, where he decided to end it’s very dramatic, his back turned to the audience, he spread his arms to the sides and with a straight face fell into the swimming pool.

Moved by hall, impressed by the action of the singer, exploded with applause and shouts of “Bravo!”. And Alla said that he could not stand to hear their songs performed by Dima Bilan.