“Bi-bi-si” filmed books by Agatha Christie

A huge gift to fans of Agatha Christie prepares the air force. The channel will be removed from seven movies based on the books by the famous British writer Agatha Christie. Most likely, they will be made in the format mini-series, and will be broadcast on the screen in the next few years.

The first filmed novel “Test of innocence”, which, according to the confessions of the author, was one of the favorite works. It is also known that the screens may also be “Killing by alphabet” and “Death comes as the end”.
The idea to make a mini-series based on the works of Christie came from the producers after the television version of the book “And then there were none” (politically correct European title of the novel “Ten little Indians”), released in theaters in December of last year.
Meanwhile, interested in the books of Agatha Christie and Hollywood. So, actor Ben Affleck, which is, besides, another and Director, intends not only to remove the tape “witness for the prosecution” in the novel, but even to play a major role.

Source: http://variety.com
Photo: http://variety.com

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