Beyonce’s father did not know about pregnancy of the daughter

The first one told Beyonce about her pregnancy, her mother Tina Knowles, which is the last effort was held to not talk about double happiness to my daughter. But the singer’s father Mathew Knowles found out about this, like all the rest of the messages in the social network Instagram.

As the remaining relatives, Beyonce, Matthew receives congratulations. In an interview with the teacher at Texas Southern University spoke about his impression when he heard the good news.
“I was in shock. I just saw a post of his daughter and could not understand why everyone congrats me. Then I started receiving congratulations from students on the phone and my questions, what the hell is going on, I was just advised to check Instagram..
I really, really, just incredibly happy for her and Jay. Now blue ivy will get a sibling. She recently asked them about it.” — said Matthew.
After learning about Beyonce’s pregnancy, he immediately called her daughter and congratulated her.
Recall that Matthew Knowles was previously the Manager of their daughters, and as a former Manager, he believes that his daughter was very wise, announcing the news itself.
“It was smart of her to announce the news about the pregnancy before the media will do it,” he said.

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