Beyonce makes her husband to renew his friendship with Kanye West

Fight with longtime friend Jay Z was also one of the drops that broke the patience of the American rapper Kanye West. These two have been friends for over sixteen years, and, despite the fact that their wives were not close friends, kept in touch until September of this year. They worked together on the album, supported each other during the career of UPS and downs.

A black cat ran between them when Kim Kardashian, wife Vesta had been robbed in the Paris hotel. To the unpleasant surprise of Kanye, Jay-Z for a long time never asked how his family cope with the enormous stress. Next was a victory for trump, who was supported Kanye. Jay-Z and Beyonce performing for the Democrat Clinton were on the other political shore, and this also affected their relations with the West. The latter even once poured my heart out to the audience.
Now, when the rapper was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown at the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles, where he remains a detailed psychiatric examination. Insiders claim that Beyonce is pushing her husband towards reconciliation with Kanye.
“Beyoncé tells Jay that we should forget the old and regardless of what happened, to make peace. Kanye West always considered Jay-Z’s brother and a member of his family. When Vesta’s Mother Donda died, Bey and Jay-Z supported him in this loss..” — said the insider.
Recall that this weekend West came on the scene in Sacramento and made a speech that offended beyoncé – the winner of the VMA. He performed a couple of songs and left. The next morning he canceled his performances, and after half a day he was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. Rumor has it, the last time he was not himself. Worked very hard and worried about his wife. Kim couldn’t sleep after the robbery, and Kanye lost his rhythm. Sources say that he was available at any time of the day and agreed to business meetings around the clock. Not surprisingly, killed him a nervous breakdown, he spent enough time at such a furious pace.

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