Beyonce has been named the most influential women over the last 70 years

What could be more common in former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, American singer Beyonce and movie character Bridget Jones? Won’t keep you guessing. All three are participants of the rating, which recently presented the BBC radio Radio 4.

Conducted a survey among its listeners, the radio was rated the most powerful women in the world, consisting of seven names.

So, the leader of the rating was called the “Iron lady” Margaret Thatcher. The rest of the place was not awarded.

The list also includes singer Beyonce, the writer, academic and feminist Germaine Greer, the founder of the Brook Advisory Centres Helen Brooke, MP-labour MP Barbara castle and activist Jiabin Desai.

However, the data published by the BBC Radio 4 seemed to many questionable. For example, for the newspaper the Telegraph was a mystery why the rating was a place beyoncé and Bridget Jones, and did not find the Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, representatives of the edition noted that the singer and a fictional character and does not reach close to the level of Thatcher, who left an indelible mark in history as his country, and the world at large.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: Business Kazakhstan

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