Beyonce goes into the shadows

Demonstration of the big belly pregnant with twins Beyonce during her performance at the awards ceremony, “Grammy” became her last release before the babies are born. Now, if you believe the insiders, the singer no longer wants someone saw her belly.

We will remind that the sensational news about pregnancy with twins was accompanied by a series of photos of half-naked Beyonce has demonstrated enormous belly. After she spoke at a Grammy concert in a beautiful lingerie outfit, revealing to the spectator almost everything. This revelation of the artist over.
“BeyoncĂ© controls her pictures more than other artists. Now she will go into the shadows until her twins will be born. She showed her stomach, but recent pictures will be the last one that she allowed to see outsiders. Pregnancy with one baby is hard, what can I say about the twins. She does not want anyone saw her,” said the insider.
Meanwhile, the way beyoncĂ©’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, are gradually improving. They have experienced difficult times, but these children who will soon be born, literally saved their marriage.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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