Between Rustam Kalganova and Anastasia Volochkova had a quarrel

So, the conversation with Nastia Rustam, who became the public domain, literally “broke the chain”. Thus, the proposal of Rustam to take the opportunity to visit expensive surgeon working in plastic surgery, Anastasia has caused a strong reaction, and his words the girl was accompanied by obscenities. According to the man, he didn’t want this entry was ever published, the website life-dom2.su.

Now, however, due to the fact that the conversation was made public, the man sees no other solution than to explain. According to a showman, he was an extreme unpleasant to listen to obscenities and insults in his address. And in General, offering the services of a plastic surgeon, he didn’t mean anything bad, and certainly do not doubt the beauty and attractiveness of the stars.

“I like Kalganov, but here he barmanul. Nastya well done, much of it walked”, “Ah Yes, Nasty! Well done! Then she surprised me. Respect and uvazhuha!” – he wrote to fans of the youth project.