Between relatives Oleg Yakovlev began a struggle for the millions of legacy

Two months after the death of a famous artist Oleg Yakovlev, among his relatives began fighting over the millions of legacy. The condition of the singer is estimated at 200 million rubles.


When discussing the financial aspects concerning the status of Yakovlev, his civil wife of Alexander Kutsevol said that relatives of her lover no. He is not officially married, legally he has no children, parents died long ago. The wife claimed that the singer has no one but her, no, but it soon became clear that he has a niece. She and her children showed up at the funeral Yakovlev. Some media wrote that Kutsevol directly to the cemetery began to discuss with his relatives financial matters and inheritance, which she assumed to accrue only to her.

As it became known, the niece asked the lawyer to consult. The lawyer said that koziol has no rights as Yakovlev. Besides, her name isn’t in the will.

Oleg Yakovlev was the owner of 4-room apartment in Moscow, real estate in St. Petersburg and Montenegro and several expensive cars. In addition, banks have opened several accounts.