Ben Affleck is no longer the Director of “Batman”

Hollywood actor and Director Ben Affleck has declared, that refuses to be both Director and leading actor in “Batman”. According to the publication Variety, the decision Ben took after talks with Studio Warner Bros.

Ben claims that he is extremely difficult to combine directing and acting duties at the same time, so he decided to renounce the post of Director in favour of the leading role.
“To play the role of Batman, we need to concentrate effort and to play well. To combine acting and directing duties very difficult. I’m not sure in this case could prove himself as an actor by 100%,” — said Affleck.
We will remind that last year on the screens released film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice,” which was trashed by the critics. Then Affleck said that he will be shot a film about a superhero and the script is already in the process of writing. Apparently, to sit on two chairs, for Ben was not easy, and he had to choose. When will the new movie of “Batman” is still unknown.

Source: http://people.com
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