Ben Affleck hired himself a babysitter. What are her responsibilities?

Ben Affle likes to drink. This information is known to all, and to the actor himself, not much is trying to hide it or something to alter. Not long ago, Affleck was undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence, but according to some, Ben gave up halfway, much to upset their loved ones, including the still legitimate wife Jennifer garner. Recall that a few days ago, Affleck and garner filed for divorce. According to one version, shared with the press, “close to a pair of informants”, that alcohol was the cause of the breakup. But to live according to Ben not going.

Apple will try to fight with the serpent and has even hired the person who will help him in this.

Recently Affleck on a private jet flying to your favorite Las Vegas, at the festival of Comic Con, which took place a presentation of the blockbuster “Justice League”, where the actor plays Batman. Before Affleck are often held in this city the time playing poker, and consequently, tightly applied to the bottle. But this time the actor has taken all the steps to the familiar surroundings of the casino has made him a corresponding influence. He hired an employee of the local Agency for providing services to drinkers “on the wagon”. The task of the employee was not to allow Ben to the bar racks and alcohol to help him ignore casino, poker tables, etc.

Interestingly, even my colleagues who were in this trip with Ben, he asked to refrain from drinking alcohol so that he had fewer temptations.

Source: 7days.ru
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