Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner are in love again

Looking at the new pictures of Hollywood couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer garnermade the Los Angeles paparazzi yesterday, and say that behind the couple is a serious crisis and a half-step from a divorce.

In the beginning of the month insiders reported that Ben and Jennifer withdrew the divorce papers, and yesterday during their outing in Los Angeles, paparazzi snapped photos, which proves that 44-year-old actor and actress, the parents of three children, a new honeymoon.

The couple looked in love and they exchanged loving glances. Smiling, Ben and Jennifer came out of the Church where he attended service. You can not doubt that their family now everything is fine.
Recall that the celebrity wedding was held in 2005. Until Ben appeared, his wife gave birth to one s other three children (violet, Seraphina and Samuel) and scored his career family. And in 2015, on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the wedding, the couple stunned the audience with a statement about the divorce.

The initiator of parting was Jennifer, which is indicated in the graph about the cause of the divorce “irreconcilable circumstances.” They went through several courses of family therapy, and Ben even went to rehab to recover from alcohol dependence that was probably one of the main reasons for the separation of the pair.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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