Beloved Tatyana Ovsienko again go to court

Three and a half years of jail waiting for his beloved Alexandra Merkulova famous Russian singer Tatyana Ovsienko. The groom of the actress suspected in the assassination of the assassination of Sergei Vasiliev, the owner JSC “Petersburg oil terminal”, which took place in 2006. During the investigation it turned out that Merkulov was not guilty and was released just in the courtroom. Fortunately Tatiana was not the limit.

The couple, whose relations have been tested by such adversity, decided to get married. but before the wedding it did not come – Ovsiyenko’s son married, baptized grandson.. was busy with other chores. And here as a thunder from a clear sky, came the news that Merkulova will be judged again on the same case. Law enforcement officers believe that the jury was bribed.
The final verdict will be read on August 18. From the case I have removed the murder charges, leaving only the organization of the assassination. Now Alexander faces seven years in prison, three and a half of which he had already served.
“Tatiana is a true tragedy. Now he is on house arrest, but in court it likely this arrest, and he will go on stage. Ovsienko loves it. I think she will wait for him,” said the insider.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://ivona.bigmir.net

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