Beginning of the Dormition fast August 14, 2017: what can I do and what is not

Any post requires believers efforts and compliance with many restrictions. To ask yourself the right pace, you should know where to begin a period of spiritual and physical purification.

Dormition fast is a multi-day period of abstinence. It is quite fleeting and change from year to year. He is starting on 14 August and completed it in one of the amazing and wonderful holiday — the day of the Dormition, August 28. The period of abstinence is quite strict and likened to lent. Clergy are reminded that during the Dormition fast it is necessary to refuse not only from excesses in the diet, but from sinful thoughts and bad deeds.

What you can do in Dormition fast

At the beginning of each post should be prayers. Morning and evening prayers will help you change your life for the better, to get rid of many sins, to embark on the path of spiritual enlightenment and the blessing of the Higher powers. Especially popular are the prayer requests to the virgin Mary.

Is the period of lent we need plant foods, fruits and vegetables, renouncing meat, dairy products and alcoholic beverages. At the beginning of the post have a bright holiday Honey spas, which incorporates religious and national traditions.

Useful to visit the Church to pray near the miraculous images for the health and welfare of near and dear ones. During lent we grow closer to the Creator, the spiritual connection gets stronger while in the temple of God.

In the early days of the Dormition fast, it is desirable to sanctify the water. Holy water — the source of longevity, health and prosperity.

The Church is not prohibited classes daily Affairs. However, the priests are encouraged to refrain from haste, bustle and high load. It is impossible to load themselves more than they should. It is better to send the remaining forces in spiritual direction, and free time to spend in reflection and prayer.

The Dormition fast is a time for confession and repentance in his heart. Refer to the help of the Lord, He will hear your sincere words of regret, to cleanse the soul from sin. Through prayer you will bring yourself to a happy life and the Kingdom of Heaven.

What not to do in Dormition fast

Sloth, greed, malice, bad thoughts, bad words and other sins invalid in the post. In the first place in a time of spiritual abstinence you cleanse your soul from negative. All sins committed in the post tripled and fall on your shoulders a very heavy burden.

In a post not to marry. A wedding is a celebration and joy, which is unacceptable in a period of strict austerity.

The beginning of lent — a time for enhanced spiritual work on yourself. It is not recommended to do mediocre business and entertainment. To tune you need to improve the spirit and deliverance from sin.

The Church forbids viewing entertaining videos, and films. You should spend less time at the computer.

You cannot escape a feeling of despair, sadness and anguish. You have embarked on the path of spiritual cultivation, elimination of bad habits and freeing from sin, so we should not allow negative thoughts to take over you.

The rejection of temptations to show your love to God. Abandoning all vain, you will become closer to the Creator.

Magical actions are always under a strict ban. It is impossible to predict their future, trying to change fate. Occult activities have no place in a period of spiritual purification.

Dormition fast — the grace and power test of the human spirit, after which you will feel the love and blessing of God. At this time you are given the opportunity to be alone with him, to change lives for the better. We wish you strong faith, success and good luck. Be happy