Before the wedding, Shurygina visited the training of the famous sexologist

The girl long enjoyed special techniques for coping with stress

Famous all over the country the heroine of the show “Let them talk” Diana Shurygina will soon become the official wife of the operator “First channel” Andrey Slavina. Last Saturday the girl decided to visit the workshop of well-known sexologist, psychologist and author of unique techniques for success Paul Rakov. According to the moderator, debska seemed to him a good, naive and shy.

Together with the other participants, which, according to some in the audience were almost 4 thousand, Diane diligently follow the instructions of the guru. The event was dedicated to the art of seducing men, proper communication with your partner and develop confidence in herself, reports. Shurygina said that addressed the benefits of Rakov to cope with stress from excessive attention in the midst of lighting the scandal with the rape. Since then she is practicing some of the techniques in everyday life, in particular his groom.