Because of that quarrel signs of the Zodiac

Love, understanding and harmony is, of course, wonderful, but good old scandal has not been canceled. And each Zodiac Sign has a personal reason for rabies.

People are by nature inconsistent. This is to some extent got us from the stars or Signs of the Zodiac under which we were born. To know how to fight the signs of the Zodiac, of course, useful, but a better understanding of the reasons why there is a conflict.


The Arians are true leaders and pioneers, so they don’t like it when someone reaches into their lives without permission. So don’t try to advise Owen on how to live: he will utter you a lot of nasty things and will (for itself) rights. Such people get turned off because of the nature quick-tempered and irritable. They would piss off even a harmless joke, but most of them hate:

persistence — don’t bother Aries, in your relationship to persist can;
complacency — is it so difficult to live by the script that you created Aries;
lack of independence — an Aries, of course, will help you if you will turn to him with a request, but it will be at you as a prepubescent child;
bad smells, Yes, Yes, fire the devil can pull you into a pack of dogs, if your flavor will not be to his taste;
someone else’s authority — don’t push me or I’ll crush you;
injustice — a true Aries is the warrior in the shower, so he selflessly rushes to defend the weak;
monotony — he’ll break up with you if you cease to surprise him, and did not falter on his face;
memories of the past — purposeful Aries, who runs forward, doesn’t even want to hear your stories about how it used to be good.

Taurus don’t like when people don’t share their views on life. Of course, they always try to avoid such conversations and open conflicts, but if we warned you. The enraged bull will rant and rave until you hear how upset your principles. There are a few workarounds, so as not to run into a fight with a young Bull:

don’t push it — don’t tell him what to do, and he won’t tell you where you need to go;
do not customize the Calf — he’s all messed up, go astray, and then life will blame you;
Taurus despise people with no sense of style, so be at the height;
boring and silent interlocutors will make the earth Sign to take a defensive position, a conflict occurs, there is inevitably;
do not argue with a Taurus, in a dispute born truth, and he already has it — own;
carelessness — well, in fact, the caveman days are long in the past;
not machete of the Bullock before the eyes, better help them, be useful;
typical Taureans are not accustomed to the fuss — why hurry if you can take the time;
displays of affection infuriates Bulls — oddly enough, they are not fans mothering.

It is obvious that the Twins need to Shine brighter than all the stars. Don’t try to obscure: if you tear them play at the soapbox, this is a very good reason for scandal. And of course, they are annoying:

someone else’s disrespect — Twins like to be in authority;
deliberation — don’t stop, be active as I am;
The twins are perfect, the way they were born. Don’t point out flaws that are not;
lengthy history — the Twins are bad listeners, because only around them boiling real life. They are without much need to have time to tell;
above the Twins in the mountains — “I hope you’re here about my success!”;
stereotypes and frames — do not put the Twin in the corner;
impotence — weak personality for them second-class citizens;
secrets — now you all tell me himself, or I’m satisfied with the questioning.

A typical Cancer in some way a prude. But his hypocrisy is hidden a thin, vulnerable soul. Of course, you will know about it, if you start to sort things out. Do not quarrel with Cancer, otherwise you can be his worst enemy or accidentally moved to tears. Avoid these reasons for quarrels:

a show — Cancers don’t like when you brag, trying all kind show, who’s the hero;
Cancers are sensitive about their home, so they feel sick at the thought that people can live in mess;
Candid conversations — why would you pour me your soul? Still not going to wait for my secrets;
Pleas for help — not ask for help, help yourself, I have, in the end, your own life;
Don’t keep Crayfish to move forward — they feel more comfortable doing one hundred steps back;
Publicly kissing — why are you here hugging, how gross!;
Rapid manifestation of emotions Crabs are secretive and annoying that others can’t as expertly to control myself as they;
irresponsibility. No sooner said than done, if not done, why did you say it?

And members of the cat can live in one room, unless you put yourself above them. Most of them are exasperated blatant flattery and outright lies. Lions hate it when they want to expose the fools, and yet:

the lack of humor — everyone likes jokes Lion;
constant complaints — life can always change for the better, but not whining;
greed — generous Lions have the right to demand from the people of generosity to their person;
others touch the Royal personage must not be approached too close, you allow yourself extra;
dependence — Lions, like cats that walk by themselves. They cannot be deprived of liberty;
distrust — if you decide to trust, trust to the end, jealous please do not disturb;
rudeness — Lions hate rude people and do not forgive their abusers;
persistence — personal time for Leo Shrine. They will decide for themselves when to talk to you;
gossip and talking behind — better to be a carrier of the pox, than the idea of information.

Virgo — the standard of care. Such people do not forgive negligence, and can simply cease to maintain a relationship with a man due to the fact that it is not highly polished shoes. Their tediousness they can unbalance anyone. Do not fall for these provocations, take Virgins as they are. You will need a list of things that irritate them:

hair in the tub or on the comb — “it’s disgusting,” shouts the virgin;
sloppy appearance — your clothes and shoes — a mirror of the soul, at least, sure of Virgo;
the lack of hospitality — Virgo are always welcome and require the same lush meeting;
too many questions — if I want — tell you everything, don’t bother;
rotten teeth — this will make Dev to run away from the conversation in an unknown direction;
the noise is nothing and has no rights to distract Dev from their own thoughts, and they think constantly;
the sharp smell of a virgin, of course, not against to see what they breathe, but this is too much;
cheap food is the path to the Virgo heart is through his stomach;
harassment — touch me I will sue you.

Friendly creatures do not know how to argue and clash, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to stand up for themselves. Them an unpleasant stranger rudeness, anger, violence. In this case they just removed you from the list of people with whom you want to communicate. Well, once again not to disturb the harmony in the soul of the Scales, avoid the following:

the old-fashioned Scale like people who go over time;
do not force Weights to choose, they are so full of internal conflicts and contradictions;
unromantic atmosphere — not in my rules to go out in all sorts of dumplings and different dough;
greed — Libra love when they spend a lot of money;
coldness — don’t be indifferent with them, such a fine man must be constantly nourished by the attention;
why command, when you can just ask? Either prove it, why should I, or do it yourself;
estetichnost — if next to them there is something disgustingly ugly, the balance will be pissed. The world, in their opinion, should be beautiful from all angles;
conflicts among the disputants gathered fools;
do not disturb the Scales to live a full life, only they have the right to decide how to live and how to die;
tediousness — Libra love funny people and fun, all the rest may not even take place.

Dispute for Scorpio favorite element. Here he feels like a fish in water, so think several times before getting involved with him in the game. Angry Scorpion, anyone who encroaches on his freedom and calls for order and discipline. And yet they hate:

levity — Scorpions are distinguished from the others that are inside a huge inner world and appreciate it like himself;
betrayal — this you it certainly will never forgive. Who betrayed the weak;
the opposite opinion — in the world there are only two opinions: the Scorpion and wrong;
tips — this Zodiac Sign he knows what he want in life;
hypocrites — vices people need to use it, and not to discuss their weaknesses behind;
condemnation — don’t watch my life, watch your;
unbelief — lack of faith angered Scorpion, one needs something to believe: in God, in the Universe or in their own superiority;
a second thought — either you are or you don’t;
pity is the last feeling, the Scorpions here have no pity. Perhaps that is why they manage so well revenge;
dreams — just realistic goals and feasible objectives, no “castles in the air”.

Representatives of Sagittarius do not like conflict and always seek to normalize relations, because they are used to be the soul of the company. But long tolerate those who Shine brighter than they will not: will explode and say a lot of nasty things. And of course, they hate when:

someone knows more than they do — someone else’s erudition interferes with the archers to be thinkers and scholars;
someone more attractive than them — the archers, it is important to be the center of attention, therefore, with them must be someone less beautiful than they are;
broken promises — if you promised, fulfill it at any cost;
insignificance — I’ll show you what to do to become stronger;
Tosca — the Archers exaggerated sense of optimism, they can not stand depressed people;
Sagittarius — aesthete, therefore, will not communicate with an ugly people in an ugly place;
Sagittarius can not stand people who don’t love animals our smaller brethren make this world better;
suggest — Archers know where right and left;
independence — if you are independent, Archers can fall into despair, you are deprived of his main weapon — the ability to manipulate.

Capricorns are more dangerous if they start to argue. They appreciate people who have achieved something, and be sure to indicate your incompetence. Those who do not seek constantly to improve their financial situation, their enemy number one. They also quarrel with you and will not feel the prick of conscience, if you have:

low position in society — we are all born equal, and you have accomplished nothing;
no status — show off your achievements, where’s your car, house, where your success?;
no clear goals — Capricorns only respect those who know what he wants from life;
imposed opinion — leave your stereotypes to yourself, no one owes nothing to anyone;
unpredictable — Capricorn everything is planned out for the next hundred years, they do not like people who violate their plans;
super curious — I live my life, you live their, we each other do not interfere;
strong feelings — someone else’s love scares Capricorn, it’s too rough to encroach on their plans, life and liberty;
chatty language — if Capricorn wants someone to listen, he will begin to speak himself;
laziness — work, as I do, or say goodbye.

Aquarians have a lot depends on the mood, so they behave somewhat ambiguous when it comes to fighting. But what they will not forgive you, so it’s cruelty and despotism. They will defend their freedom at any cost. And don’t try to do something that can ruin your Aquarius relationships:

treason — they are forgiving people, but not the betrayal — it would break either their heart, or your face;
limitations all should be right choice, if not — I refuse to live in this cage;
bytovuha — the worst enemy of Aquarius. Then they wither, but most of all to suffer will be the one who Aquarius mired in routine;
hints the faults of Aquarius not poke his nose in his shortcomings, he knows about them;
animal house — Aquarius in the majority suffer from allergies, so the wool house may well be the cause of the quarrel;
flattery — your skills of seduction it is better to practice on someone else;
requests in debt — I don’t;
noisy neighbors — there is nothing worse than awakened Aquarius, and this can kill;
skepticism — if you have not seen the spirits, it does not mean that they are not.

Peaceful Fish start to speak when you have no strength to endure. The factor of irritation Fish — alien optionality. Lie ever hope water Sign, and immediately falls under the distribution. And yet they put out:

unrequited feelings — Pisces are not playing one-sided: either answer back, or come to say goodbye;
a small lie — there’s nothing stronger than the intuition of this Sign, so always tell the truth;
other people’s doubts, the Fish will not stop foaming at the mouth to prove his innocence, even if the whole world is against them. It is too late, agree with them;
alcoholism — I don’t like Fish, those who abuse fire water;
nonsense — you’re wasting my time, even if not familiar with the school program;
dirty dishes — even as a guest, Fish can point you to is “disgusting”;
ingratitude — thanks, though not put in the pocket, but to hear would like.

Each Zodiac Sign is unique, which adds zest to our life. If we were all alike, there would be no reason to quarrel. What a bore! Sometimes emotions need to heat up but not boil. Try to be friendly with all, control your impulses and keep harmony in relationships. We wish you good mood,