Because of debts Lindsay Lohan has moved to live in Dubai

Skandalistka Lindsay Lohan decided to radically change your life and start with a clean slate. While it turns out it is not too good, however, Lindsay isn’t upset. After serious problems with money, she had to leave the US and move to Dubai, in the United States beyond it was the largest debt in 100 thousand dollars.

The other day Lindsay visited the show Veni Williams, in which he spoke about how is her new life. According to celebrity, she really likes the new way of life, and in Dubai she finally can behave naturally without fear of attention of the public and the press. “I love life in new York, but I like peace of mind, which find in the middle East. In Dubai for me not watching the paparazzi, so I can focus on myself,” said the actress.

She also added that it plans to build your own business Empire like the one that made Donald trump, and takes the first steps in this direction. What she did not elaborate.