Became known why “Game of thrones” will not be released before 2019 – 24???

Program Director of HBO Bloyce Casey explained why the last, eighth season of the series “Game of thrones” will not be released before 2019. The words of Blois the publication Entertainment Weekly. The season premiere of “Game of thrones” will be held in January 2019.

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The creators of the series Daniel Brett Weiss and David Benioff, as stated by Bloyce, will need more time to make the last six episodes of “Game of thrones” at the highest level.

Bloyce said that every season of “Game of thrones” has become more widespread, particularly in the scenes of fights and special effects, which takes a lot of time, transfers “the Newspaper.” In HBO is planning to use the latest season of “Game of thrones” to start a new series: now we are working on the creation of spin-offs to the show.

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Recall that the “Game of thrones” once again topped the rating of the show, which are often downloaded from pirate Internet portals. The number of users who are simultaneously downloading the latest episode of the seventh season of “Game of thrones”, has reached 400 thousand people.