Became known, whose voice will sing the main heroine of the series “the Singer”

Became known, whose voice will sing the main heroine of the series “the Singer”

Monday, August 22, at 18:00 on TV channel “Ukraine” to start the Premier 100-serial adventurous romance “Singer”. The picture will consist of three parts, each of which tells about a certain period in the life of the main heroine Natasha Merlin.

The plot of the series is a young talented girl Natasha Merlin will perform a lot of songs. But whose voice will actually sound in “Singer”? For the whole team that worked on the project, it was a surprise that the performer of the title role of Alexander Epstein can sing. Almost all the songs in the series, the actress will perform on their own.

According to Alexandra Epstein, to sing, she learned through the mother — the vocal coach. But, having the main role in the project “Singer” has improved his vocal abilities with a teacher Maryana Golovko.

“I sang in childhood. As serious as Natasha, of course, I was not engaged at the Conservatory didn’t arrive. In 15 years I had a mutation of voice — he sat down. After that the singing had faded into the background. But thanks to this project, “the Singer,” I went back to singing” — shared Alexander Epstein.

Executive producer “the Singer’s” Sasha Tkachenko said that the vocal coach team long sought, and immediately stopped the choice on Mariana Golovko. The actress happily agreed to not only become a teacher for the main character, but also performed “Aria” by Mozart in the series.

“All the popular songs in the film sang Sasha Epstein — she has a very good voice. The series also will sound “Aria” by Mozart, which was performed by Mariana Golovko. When you first see Mariana, I don’t see how this holocide fit in such a fragile girl,” says Sasha Tkachenko.

The project “Singer” is a story about love, about relationships, about how a dream helps a person to overcome all difficulties and challenges on the way to their goal. The series main character Natasha Merlin from childhood dreams of becoming an Opera singer, and will surely move towards your dream.

On the creation of the series worked with a team of professionals of Cinema Front, part of Media Group Ukraine”. The author of the script of the picture was made by Tatiana Gnedash. The chief Director of the adventurous melodrama “the Singer” — Dmitry Goldman, Executive producer — Sasha Tkachenko.

In multiserial film will play such actors as Pavel Vishnyakov, Olesya Gaevaya, Lee Berlin, Vitaly Salii, Daria legeyda, Andrew Romany, Irina Doroshenko, Svetlana Zelenkovskaya, Konstantin danyluk, Andrew Motrenko, Nikolay Boklan, Elena Stefano.


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv