Became known, who won the contest “Miss Ukraine-2017” (PHOTO)


Today, 6 September took place the final of the contest “Miss Ukraine 2017”, which was held in Palace of Ukraine. Among the contenders for victory were 24 contestants from different cities of Ukraine. But the victory was won by only one participant.

In the contest “Miss Ukraine 2017” defeated 18-year-old Pauline weaver.

Here are the names of all participants:

• Ilona Vasko, 24 (Kyiv region).
• Katerina Poslavska, 23 (Zhytomyr region).
• Maria Ivanova, 24 years old (Kyiv region).
• Julia Karpets, 17 (Rovno region)
• Eugene, Kryvorotko, 19 years (the Zaporozhye region)
• Roxolana Ruminska, 22 (Lviv region).
• Ilona V, 20 years (Poltava region)
• Anna Miller, age 19 (Winnitca region)
• Diana Mironenko, 23 (Odessa region)
• Darina Mitchenko, 25 (Kharkov region)
• Valery Mikhailov, 23 (Odessa region)

• Vladislav Onipko, 20 years (Kharkiv region).
• Anastasia Pshenichnaya, 19 (Poltava region)
• Alina Rudan, 25 (Odessa region)
• Anna Mariana Samaluk, 20 years (Lviv region).
• Helen Sebba, 21 (Donetsk region).
• Elena Smakos, 22 (Ternopil region).
• Elizabeth Tatar, 17 years (the Dnepropetrovsk region)
• Pauline weaver, 18 years old (Kyiv region).
• Irina Tkachuk, 18 (Lviv region).
• Ksenia chief, 24 years (the Zaporozhye region)
• Chuiko Darina, age 19 (Dipropetrovsk.)
• Emilia Shah, 21 (Kharkov region)
• March Shevchuk, 21 years old (Lviv region).

Congratulations to the winner with the title of “Miss Ukraine 2017”. And also congratulations to Irina Tkachuk, who received the title of “First Vice-miss Ukraine 2017”, Emilia Shah – “Second Vice-miss Ukraine 2017”, Diana Mironenko, who received the title of “Miss Ukraine Earth 2017”, as well as Darin Mitchenko, which has received a title “Ms. of spectator sympathies 2017”.

Recall that the winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine 2016” became Alexander Kucherenko. She is now the participant of show “Dances with stars z” where is dancing with Dimitri Komarov.