Became known, who will survive in the finale of “Game of thrones”

Became known, who will survive in the finale of “Game of thrones”

Although George R. Martin and the showrunners of “Game of thrones” is notorious that, do not hesitate to kill even the most seemingly popular characters, in fact, the writer has long compiled list of “untouchables” – which may give a clue as to who will survive in the finale of “Game of thrones”.

Edition of Tech Insider managed to get a letter that George Martin addressed to editors in 1993, when I started developing “a Song of ice and fire”. The letter writer explains that he plans to launch a trilogy of novels, and at the same time tells what this trilogy will end.

On the idea of George R. Martin in the original “a Song of ice and fire” there are 5 key characters that will last until the end, turning from teenagers into adults and in the process of growing and changing the world. In his letter, the writer called this trilogy “the Saga of the generations”, telling the life story of these five characters — three men and two women.

According to the idea of George Martin, 5 key characters who will survive until the end — Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and the three Starks: Arya, bran and Jon snow.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the showrunners of “Game of thrones” decide to stick to the original plan of the writer and do will keep alive all five. However, their destinies become clear in the next 2 years — “Game of thrones” is coming to an end, and the audience remained to watch the entire 2 season of your favorite series.


Source and photo: popcornnews.ru