Became known, who will perform new year’s eve on the First channel – 24???

Internet users chose the artists who will perform at the new year’s eve on the First channel. In a social network “Schoolmates” has completed the corresponding vote for well-known performers, informs Around the TV.

Grigory Leps on the results of the popular vote won the first place with 60 thousand votes. Ani Lorak was second with 42 of 345 votes, Nargiz Zakirova, who came third, won 36 of 776 votes.

Grigory Leps | Sputnik Georgia

The top ten audience award also included: Polina Gagarin, Nikita Alekseev (Alekseev), Alla Pugacheva, Svetlana Loboda, groups, Artik & Asti, “Hands Up” and “Leningrad”.

Can new year’s eve on the First channel viewers to see and Yuri Shatunova, who took 16th place for popular vote, and the “Mushrooms” located in the 29th position.