Became known, who is the boyfriend Nikolai Baskov

About the sexual orientation of Nikolai Baskov say a long time, despite the fact that in his youth he was married and even, like, became a father. In his heterosexuality believe only the most dedicated groupies. Let’s remember all of his public “novels” and “guest marriages” with Oksana Fedorova, Sophie Kalcheva and Victoria and lopyrevoy cause great suspicion, and the wedding they never ended.

Recently went through this topic and a great lover to bask in the glory of celebrities and ex-member of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev, which, incidentally, is also considered gay. So, Rustam sure that “boy-friends” Nicholas listed some Alex Malinowski, of which the Basques undertook to produce a few years ago, but so far the big star of it and did not. In conversation with journalists portal eg.ru Rustam has shared his knowledge about that but Malinowski has a big penis. Well, he probably knows better.