Became known to members of the new “American idol”

Started the new season of “American idol”. The list of talented young performers presented to the audience.

August 10 after a grueling final listening of applicants for participation in “Factory of stars” the jury has decided on the composition of the participants of the new season of the musical show. The premiere release of a new version of the show in the old tradition took place on the channel Muz-TV 2 Sep.

To the jury was filed more than fifteen thousand questionnaires from performers aged from sixteen to thirty-one. The final decision on the composition of the participants of the new season was made on the basis of the analysis of the questionnaires and a final open listening.

Members of the “New American idol” are:

Nineteen-year-old native of the city of Moscow Nikita Kuznetsov. The guy for many years engaged in music, he has seven years of experience of performing rap music. In just two years, because of their desire and talent Nikita became popular in Yakutia, and has got its own fan club. Believes that his music can change the whole Russian show-business.

Romantic a resident of Moscow Uliana Senecca also became one of the participants of “New idol.” Twenty-one-year-singer their romance and love for life and people will surely impress fans and juried shows.

Tbilisi resident twenty-four-year-old Samvel Vardanyan a fan of the genre soul fell in love with music at an early age. Now Samvel’t imagine my life without music, alone writes music and is in love with sophisticated harmony. The guy is not very knowledgeable in musical notation, the music he creates based on their own feelings.

Radoslaw Boguslavskaya self in the world of music, she writes for her performance of the song. Twenty-two year old inhabitant of Odessa grew up in a creative family, parents Radoslava are actors, and the younger sister of the choreographer.

Elman Zeynalov childhood dream to get on “Factory of stars” and now his dream came true. The impetus for action twenty-three-year-old boy from Rostov-on-don was the departure of his bride to the producer. Having a knife in the back of Elman promised myself to become a star.

Twenty-year-old Muscovite Andrei Beletsky in his eighteen years as an external student graduated from music school. The guy tried himself in the role of guide-interpreter, Builder, programmer, designer. He began to study music in 2015, but today the guy already has his own project Anree Chess. Andrei also makes music for movies and commercials.

Muscovite Anya moon specifically for the show came from London, where he lived the last time. Twenty one year girl for yourself she writes poetry and music. Sure, to succeed you need to have your own unique style.

Twenty-four Muscovite Guzel Khasanova in his childhood considered themselves Kirkorov, but when I realized that this is not so, he decided to become his wife. The girl is not by hearsay knows that such competitions, because Guzel have already managed to win several beauty contests.

A resident of Minsk twenty-three March Zdanuk knows firsthand about the hard work, so sure that not just has got on “Factory of stars”. Leads an active lifestyle and engaged in classes, which isn’t really a female. The girl in delight from fishing, Billiards and various sports.

Muscovite Maria Rudnicka at the age of five ahead of he entered the state music school in which recruitment was only for children under the age of seven years. Twenty-three year old girl driven by music and the desire for continued inspiration.

Daniil Ruvinskiy arrived at the “New Factory of stars” from the capital of Ukraine. Eighteen-year-old boy love to sing and dance. Love of life the guy has now over he is very active and committed to their own improvement.

Seventeen Lolita Voloshin began to study music with twelve years. Rostovchanka wants to improve their skills of playing the piano and to write music to the words.

The youngest participant of the musical show has become a fourteen-year-old native of Minsk city Zina Kupriyanovich. Girl loves hip-hop both in music and in dancing. Throughout all stages of the casting Zina supported her father.

From Barnaul in the “New American idol” came a self-taught musician of twenty-two years Yevgeny Trofimov. Percussionist, guitarist. The guy wants to create Russian music and branded sound for their songs.

The film “School of rock” gave “a New idol” a young and ambitious musician from Rostov-on-don, twenty-two year old Vladimir Idiatullina who was inspired by the painting and began to develop in this direction. The guy likes to travel, interesting people and live without making any plans. The guy writes music and that helps him with the ability to play the ukulele, acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Danilevsky Daniel was struck by his skill of playing the guitar. A young man himself creates his music and lyrics to it, is a Beatles fan. Such a treasure, the jury found in the capital of Russia.