Became known, the text of the will of Yegor Holavina

In a relatively short period of time the former participant “Houses 2” had 11 plastic surgeries, but to stop it he is not going. According to Yegor, in the short term he was waiting for another 19 similar procedures, but because of the fact that each of them is performed under General anesthesia, he exposes his health to excessive risk. Moreover, after the event, when the operation nearly ended in tears, the man decided to make a will, which bequeathed its solid state, the sister, the website life-dom2.su.

But 2 million personal savings, decided to leave the charity that the money has been bought Barbie and Ken for orphans. Not all believe that Egor is so rich, considering such a gesture is just a pathetic attempt to draw attention to themselves, demonstrating what he catch.

“Do not tell my Slippers. Khalyavin in my entire life even underwear itself, not earned. Mom brand simple lady working as a cook. Since when
wills began to engage lawyers? This is the work of notaries. What millions? The guy from the anesthesia, the brains floated” – wrote one of the fans of “House 2”.