Became known the sex of the baby black Tea and Rob Kardashian

On sensational news about the lives of black Tea and Rob Kardashian earns not only his mother Kris Jenner, but also talkative father, 28-year-old pregnant celebrity Eric Holland. The man shamelessly puts one after the other secrets, and Oh, how journalists love to communicate with him.

Now, a few hours ago, he told me in secret around the world that his daughter is carrying a boy. For black, we’ll soon find out how Angela Kardashian this will be the second son of the first king Cairo she gave birth to rapper Taiga.
“Angie is now the most important – the health of the child. When they first felt it move, for both of them it was unbelievable. They even had a name, but don’t tell anyone about this, I want to wait until the baby is born,” said Eric.
Insiders said that before to conceive and Rob black addressed to the genetics lab to get a baby of the sex they wanted.
“Everyone knows that Rob is the only man in his family and really wanted a male heir to the family had continued” — said the source.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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