Became known the sex of the baby Andrei Arshavin

The wife of the famous Russian football player Andrey Arshavin Alice tired to take congratulations on the birth of his son and has informed all its subscribers about the birth … daughters.

Recall that a few weeks, the media reported the birth of a boy in a family of Arshavin, now it became known that his daughter was born. For Andrew this child was the fourth, and to his wife the second. The pair have already raised the eldest daughter, whom gave birth to Alice in the previous marriage.
As it became known, the journalists were confused not only the sex of the baby, but also hastened with date of birth. In fact, the daughter of Andrew and Alice was born 11 Feb. Now it remains an interesting fact that the members of the team Arshavin has congratulated his large counterpart with the birth of a son at the beginning of the month. Either they were wrong or Andrew has another son.
Arshavin married Alice Catimini in September last year. The next day after the wedding it became known that the woman is pregnant. The news came as a surprise not only for football fans but for many of his relatives.
Before that, Andrew was a civil marriage with Yulia Baranovskaya, which in nine years of sozhitelstvovaniye bore him three children. In 2012, Arshavin has abandoned them and since then have not supported neither financially nor in any way.. in General. Shortly before the wedding, a representative Andrew told the media that finally, after 2.5 years visited his heirs, and brought them gifts and even walked with him in the Park, but Yulia denied this information, stating that the ex-husband is still missing in the lives of their children.

Source: https://dni.ru
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