Became known, the reaction of Olga Buzova on the wedding of his former spouse

At the same time, She almost immediately demonstrated in social networking engagement ring from all angles. It is from these events that most of the subscribers became genuinely concerned for Olga, suggesting that for girls, it will become even more of a shock than the engagement EUS-wife in the Maldives, and certainly not without tantrums, and perhaps droppers, the website life-dom2.su.

But the leading reality show “House 2” Olga Buzova, despite the misgivings of fans, not going to cry, however, from the attack on the former I couldn’t resist. The video appeared on the network, Olya sang many beloved song “Wi-fi”, obviously hinting at the wrong Tarasov.

“He you are gone, and you’re all mad, and I don’t know how to attract attention. Clingy, Yes, he spit on her rotten statements” – written by the fans of the TV project “House 2”.