Became known, the Director of the remake “1+1”

Became known, the Director of the remake “1+1”

That Hollywood wants to remake French box office hit “1+1″ (the”untouchables” in the original), became known for a long time. But now the project has moved forward and decided on the Director. In the Director’s chair remake will be Neil Berger, Creator of “the Illusionist”, feature “Areas of darkness”, the first part of the teen franchise “Divergent” series and financial drama “Billions”. It is reported by the Empire.

“1+1” is a funny, heartwarming story about the friendship between two did not like each other. Rich white aristocrat gets into an accident on a paraglider and is confined to a wheelchair. All would seem perfect candidates for the role of the nurse rejects it and prefers charismatic, but very troubled black man, just released from prison… the Film Olivier Nakash and Eric Toledano, starring roles in which performed françois cluzet and Omar Sy, became unqualified box office hit not only at home but also in the world, earning 426,6 million dollars with a budget of 9.5 million euros.

In March it became known that the leading party in the American version can play the star of “breaking bad” and “TRUMBO” Bryan Cranston and comedian Kevin HART. The actors have signed contracts. The company Vistanow brothers, bought the rights to a remake, at first I considered the Floor a Fig for the position of Director, but eventually settled on the candidacy of Berger.

Filming should begin in January 2017 and to pass in new York.


Source and photo: okino.ua