Became known the details of their debut film Paris Jackson

The daughter of the king of the pop scene, Michael Jackson, Paris, has repeatedly said that her father was a genius who made music and enjoyed the process. In her case, this “magic” with the music fails, because it tries to find itself in something else, more close to her heart.

“I use music for other purposes,’ said the girl. – It’s not what I want to do in life. In my family, so many amazing artists. If I wanted to do music professionally, then it would change my attitude. I don’t want this to happen”.

Paris has already managed to sign a contract with one of the biggest model agencies in the world. Today I received information that Jackson wants to try themselves not only in modeling but also in acting. Paris is preparing to star in his first film. Jackson will play a Comedy Thriller with Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, Amanda, Seifrid, Tandy Newton, sharlto Copley.

The title of the film has not yet been disclosed. Remove the tape for Amazon will Nash Edgerton. The Thriller will also play his brother Joel Edgerton.

In the story, a businessman comes to Mexico and accidentally collides with the drug lords, mercenaries and the FBI.

Other design details yet kept secret, but given the fact that it chose not the last people in Hollywood, we can assume that we will have a serious movie.


Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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