Became known the details of the wedding, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge

Soon to learn that such family happiness happen to the youngest of the Middleton clan – Her. The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is going to go down the aisle this spring, but because it uses every free minute of your time to complete the preparations for the wedding, which some secular observers have dubbed the event of the year.

On how to be the celebration, told a reporter of the online edition of dailymail.co.uk.

Wedding ceremony Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend James Matthews will be held on may 25 in St. Mark’s Church in Angelville (Berkshire).

Interestingly, this Church is located just 7 miles from the home of the bride’s parents in Belbari. The Middletons are here often. By the way, this year was visited by the Dukes of Cambridge at the Christmas service.

For wedding party Michael and Carole Middleton will sacrifice the garden to his estate. For four hundred guests, will be erected a huge tent under which will be the very festivities. The style of the ceremony and subsequent celebrations will be a classic. Extravagance at Pippa and James have no respect.

It is known that with the wedding dress Pippa is already defined. At the celebration she wears an outfit created by the not-too-well-known fashion Designer Giles Deacon. However, it is expected to look like Pippa is going to be amazing.

Looking forward to the wedding just to see this “event”.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: The Telegraph

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