Became known cause of death of the Director of Pugacheva and Kirkorov

28-Aug one of city hospitals of Moscow died Oleg Nepomnyashchii – man, which held the Union of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. At the time of death the man was 77 years old. after a couple of days after the incident, the journalists managed to find out what was the cause of death of the forgetful.

Citing its sources, Life.ru reports that the reason for the man’s death was acute heart failure.

Nepomniachtchi came to the hospital at 22.00 and he was diagnosed with a heart attack.

For three days the doctors fought for the lives of men, but to save him failed.

Farewell to the famous producer will be held in Moscow on 31 August.

The forgetful is survived by two sons and grandchildren who live in America and Canada.


Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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