Became aware of the deteriorating condition of Oleg Tabakov – 24???

The artistic Director of the Studio school of the Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov commented about his deteriorating condition. The health of the artist has deteriorated before the start of the play “the Seagull,” where he played the main role.

September 15, Oleg Tabakov complained of an acute attack of toothache, and then to the Mat arrived the car “first aid”. The doctors did the artist cauterized, after which he played a role in the play, never complaining of his health. Thus, the show started late by 20 minutes.

“Recently an ambulance was, but now everything is in order. Alive and well, all well with me,” – said on its status to the TV channel “Zvezda” tobacco.

According to “StarHit”, Oleg Tabakov refused to cancel the show because the hall was completely filled with spectators.

Oleg Tabakov | peoples.ru

Recall that in 2014, Oleg Tabakov was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure. Long-term hospitalization the artist is not required: his condition quickly stabilized.