Basque is going to leave the scene

The singer has lost the vision of their efforts

Today on the official website of Nikolay Baskov in Instagram appeared a curious post in which the artist announced the desire to take a break in his career. “I’ve done too much to his 40, he began. And it got to the point that I lost perspective of what I do. I think for me it would be nice to relax and to overestimate their activities, to answer some questions of myself. And anyway, I needed a break from himself, and the public should I continue to rest and get acquainted with the new!” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka).

According to the singer, at some point, this “breathing space” necessary for everyone. In recent years the artist has changed: lost weight, went through several novels with creative women, and this month was ready the second time to marry. In the comments fans are wondering what’s the reason for this decision. Perhaps this is normal autumn melancholy, maybe blame a midlife crisis, aggravated the day before my birthday — October 15.