Based on “the Illusion of deception” and “the hunger games” will be the entertainment

It often happens that certain games or locations shown in the film, their fans would like to transfer to real life. For example, fans of the “Harry Potter” from time to time meet in order to suggested a game of Quidditch. Now such possibility will appear at fans of “the hunger games” and even “Saw.”

As reported by the Western media, the film company Lionsgate has made a deal with four major shopping centres in Spain, Portugal and the UK: soon there will be entertainment on the grounds of the franchise “the Hunger games” and “the Illusion of deception” and the series “Orange — hit of the season” and the movie “Saw: the Game of survival.”

No, you do not think that in the case of the “Hungry games”, somebody would be allowed to hunt for survival. Everything will be arranged simply: the characters and the storyline will serve as the elements of the design of zoos, water parks, family entertainment centers and other entertainment zones located in shopping districts with high foot traffic.

In the year these institutions will have to take more than 20 million visitors. A huge cash turnover there will be, one can only imagine.


Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: Filmpro.ru

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