Based on disney stories, the students will be told of the problems of society

Disney tales of entertaining cartoons for children have become manuals for studying the behaviour of people who were in a particular situation.

In March next year on the big screen comes another adaptation of a fairy tale – “beauty and the Beast”. In this regard, in some schools, the United States imposed a new lesson, which will discuss the topic of domestic violence. “Beauty and the beast” and other fairy tales will become an example, which will show certain situations.

So, according to teachers of educational institutions, in “Beauty and the beast” dominates the theme of “abusive relationships between a man and a woman.” It is noted that Belle only using their sexuality, making the location of a Monster (meaning, men) and change it.

“The beast does not attack Belle, but the threat of physical violence is present. The film teaches that if a woman is beautiful and good-natured, she can change an evil man and turn it into a tender and understanding. In other words, it’s the womans fault if her man abuses her”, — stated in the materials for the lesson.

A similar situation is observed in other fairy tales. For example, in “the little Mermaid”, “Cinderella”, “Sleeping beauty” and “snow white.”

Moreover, also addressed the topic of sexism. According to the authors of lessons, “young women with happy faces doing work around the house and wait until a man come and give them life.”

Source: gazeta.ru
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