Based on “American horror story” will make the rides

California Universal Studios, where I dream to visit all the cinephiles of the planet, is preparing for its visitors something quite special.

Soon, namely the celebration of the most mystical holiday of the year – Halloween – Halloween HorrorNights will be officially presented the new attraction.

Visitors will experience the real horror, if they want to try the ride for yourself, because the basis for its creation was the TV series “American horror story”.

In a separate area of Universal Studios will be the most recognizable attributes of each season of the series. For example, In the part called “murder House” evil spirits, seized the family mansion Harmon from the first season, takes guests through the torture, through which passed the previous inhabitants of the house. In “freak show” visitors will join the troupe of freaks, pursued by a bloodthirsty clown, and in the hotel Cortez will fall victim to the perverted desires of a Countess of the fifth season.

Note that this corner of the Park Universal Studios will be open on September 16.

According to the head of 20th Century FoxConsumer Products, Greg Lombardo, the opening of the new part of the Park will make the premiere of the new season of the series even more welcome.


Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: inquisitr.com

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