Barack Obama was planning to marry another woman

How would you change the life of an ex-US President Barack Obama if his wife was not Michelle. In the biographical book by David Garrow “the rising star: Barack Obama” says that to him, Michelle and Barack were in a serious relationship with a white girl, which he twice (!) proposed hands and hearts. Unfortunately or fortunately, before marriage it did not come, and after a few years in his life came Michelle Robinson..

Called ex-lover Obama, Sheila Miyoshi Jagger, she was a student of the anthropological Department, and now she is a Professor at Oberlin College.
The woman told the author about his relationship with Barack and how he refused to become his wife.
“In January 1986, we came to visit my parents. There he offered me to become his wife. I said it was too early, and we continued to meet,” said Sheila.
Think about the President of the country, according to the woman, Barack began at the age of 25 years. He was very ambitious before to enroll in Harvard University. In 1988, he again made the offer Sale and asked her to come with him to Cambridge. For this she had to postpone the writing of my dissertation. The woman felt that Barack did this out of fear of losing her in that moment, and not because of faith in their relationship. She again refused, and they parted.
Some years they are almost not seen, and in 1992 it became known that Obama married Michelle Robinson, which is now raising two daughters.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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